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Women and ADHD

No matter where you are in your ADHD healing journey, therapy can be a vehicle to help move you forward.

Unfortunately, women with ADHD can struggle to find therapists who are equipped to understand their unique needs. As a neurodiversity-affirming therapist and a woman with ADHD, my lived experience and training makes me uniquely qualified to do this work. 

Many of the women I've worked with were ones who had fallen through the cracks of our educational and medical systems. They were women who were misdiagnosed and mishandled by unqualified and misinformed professionals. This created a layer of trauma in their lives that could have been avoided had someone noticed this aspect of their being. 

Existing in the world as a woman can be difficult enough. Living in the world as a neurodivergent woman is not only difficult, but sometimes feels impossible. 

What are the effects of untreated ADHD in women? 

Recent research shows a relationship between untreated or poorly managed ADHD symptoms and overall health and life expectancy. This is not surprising considering health and wellbeing rely on good executive functioning skills, what the ADHD brain is lacking. 

As women, we are usually tasked with taking care of everyone in our lives. The unrealistic expectations put upon us creates chronic stress and a scenario where neurodivergent women suffer disproportionately compared to our neurotypical counterparts. We fail at taking care of ourselves and as an extension, we struggle to meet the demands of the roles we play in life. 

What will our therapy sessions be like? 

Together we will address a broad range of issues including self-esteem and healing the inner child, interpersonal and family issues, daily health habits, daily stress levels, and life management skills. 

As a neurodiversity-affirming therapist, we’ll pinpoint how your executive functioning differences are holding you back. And then we’ll problem-solve so you can address them using your strengths.  

We'll assess different areas of your life including work, home life and personal self care. We'll talk about how you can work with and not against your mind. 

At the end of our time together, you will feel more confident in your ability to manage challenges in life. 

If you're ready to begin therapy with me, contact me today for an appointment.