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Mindfulness Training

Years before my ADHD diagnosis, I engaged in mindfulness activities to help manage my life. After having my son, I would walk for hours up and down our old country road until my mind was still. 

Mindfulness is a great practice for anyone, but for people with ADHD, it can help level the playing field. 

Mindfulness can be defined as: 

A state of nonjudgmental awareness of what’s happening in the present moment, including the awareness of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and senses. 

There are two components of mindfulness: 

Awareness: Where you notice your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations as they happen. The goal isn’t to clear your mind or stop thinking - it’s to become aware of your thoughts and feelings, rather than getting lost in them. 

Acceptance: The thoughts, feelings, and sensations that you notice should be observed in a nonjudgmental manner. For example, if you notice a feeling of nervousness, simply state to yourself, “I notice that I am feeling nervous.” There’s no need to further judge or change the emotion. 

Do you answer yes to most of the following:

Do you have trouble paying attention or are you easily bored or distracted? 

Is it hard for you to get organized? 

Do you have trouble starting or finishing projects? 

Do you dread paperwork or have trouble keeping up with bills? 

Do you lose important items like your keys or wallet? 

Do you tend to jump from hobby to hobby? 

Do you interrupt others when they are speaking? 

Do you have a hard time relaxing or feel restless all the time? 

Do you wish you could be more present and mindful of the world around you?

If so, mindfulness training can help. Together, we will go through an 8-step program to help you begin a mindfulness practice so you can reap the benefits that come with slowing down. 

What are some benefits to mindfulness for ADHD? 

Employing a regular mindfulness practice has been shown to help you: 

Better manage intense emotions. 

Have less anxiety and depression.

Have greater self-acceptance. 

Have more compassion for self and others. 

Improve relationships. 

Build greater resilience. 

Mindfulness coaching is comprised of eight sessions where you’ll learn more about mindfulness, the various techniques you can use to practice mindfulness, and ultimately gain a better understanding of your ADHD challenges and strengths. The materials we'll use are part of an evidence-based program designed specifically for people with ADHD. 

You can schedule a 15 minute consultation with me here to learn more and see if we may be a good fit or contact me below. 

45-Minute Therapy Session

45 Minute Therapy Session


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60 Minute Therapy Session


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45-Minute Coaching Session

45 Minute Coaching Session


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45-Minute Mindfulness Session

45 Minute Mindfulness Training Session


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