Self Encouragement for the ADHD Woman

What happens when the world doesn’t meet us where we are?

Shame. Isolation. Hiding.

From their workbook, Solden & Frank describe how women get trapped in loops due to their struggles with ADHD. Untangling these loops involves inner work. This inner work starts with taking an assessment of how you speak to yourself.

The inner critic. We all have one.

For those of us with a neurodivergent brain, after years of defeats and failures, she can be deafening.

She convinces us we aren’t worthy. She tells us we can’t reach our goals. She says people are better off without us. She’s hateful and destructive and can echo the voices of the people who have harmed us the most in life.

But she doesn’t have to win.

Part of working with a therapist who understands your unique brain is letting go of all the idealized messages you’ve heard about how women “should” be. Affirmations are one way you can start to chip away at any limiting beliefs.

You are not broken. You are different.

And once you starting telling yourself a new story, you can begin to rewrite your narrative.

We can never go back and change the course of our lives when the critic was steering the ship, but we are allowed to set sail again. And again. And again.